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Top 10 Swinger Dating Sites to Find Adult Swingers in 2022

Swinger sites…they conjure up a lot of different images, and yet they are pretty misunderstood. In fact, the entire concept of being a “swinger” can be misunderstood and this can make it tough to find best swinger sites that fit your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the top sites for the modern couple or individual that wants their lifestyle to meet their needs.

Swinger Websites are Not Very Different Than Some Apps

Whether or not you used online dating websites or more contemporary dating apps to meet your partner, you know that these methods work. You put yourself out there, went on a bunch of dates and actually met someone who was more than just compatible – they were long-term relationship material. Yet, for any number of reasons, the two of you have been discussing the idea of swinging.

It could be that you were both already in agreement that an open relationship could be a possibility, or you might have even entered into a committed relationship knowing you’d need a partner who was down for you having sex with other people. No matter how it began, though, you are both at the point when swinging is about to become a reality. The good news is that there are lots of swinging dating websites and apps that can help you find individuals or like-minded couples looking for exactly the same things you are seeking. Even better is that they make it amazingly easy, discreet and safe, too.

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What is Swinging in 2022?

Swinging is typically defined as a lifestyle, and one that is built around non-monogamy. Yet, it is not about living life as a “swinging single”. It’s about being part of an established couple who has decided that they will have sexual relations with other people outside of the relationship, or about a single person who wants to interact with couples who share a like-minded approach to relationships. Though swinging is often defined by a set of rules that each couple makes up for itself, most agree that there are not to be romantic attachments formed. It’s simply that you’re in an open relationship with some clear rules.

Where to Meet Local Swingers

Yet, you can be super interested in the swinger lifestyle and still struggle with it because there are not enough clubs, organized groups or even connections in your area to allow you to enjoy this way of life. That’s where swinging websites and apps come to the rescue. Below are the top 10 sites you and your partner will want to consider ASAP if you are eager to get into the swinger lifestyle easily, privately and happily.

The most popular and frequently chosen of all the swinging site options, AdultFriendFinder has both a website and mobile app. Catering to all tastes, this is a swinger site for couples eager to engage in this lifestyle, but it is also a site with options for threesomes, cuckolds, groups and more. It takes just a few minutes to create an account and begin looking for other swingers in the area or a destination you are headed.

There are more than 25 million account holders, and you will need to verify your account and use an authenticated email address. Membership fees vary, and all levels get you access to the mobile app, the instant messaging function, live video chats, and the forums and blogs. You can also use what is known as a “Profile Boost” that lets your profile stand out from all the others and ensures you get the most attention from the people you want to meet.

With a huge list of search options (from body type to zodiac sign, location and more), you are almost guaranteed to find others eager to explore the swinger life.

Options for couples, groups or singles that want to share partners is the emphasis of this site. FindYourThreesome has more than six million members and it is often described as one of the most honest threesome sites or apps. An affordable membership fee (monthly and lifetime options are available) and simple sign up make it a good choice for most.

It helps you find local couples and others, read stories, get information or participate in forums, and use chat rooms where other members are actively discussing topics of any kind. If you want to dip your toe by sharing fantasies online before moving into real-world activities, this is a good site.

Fling is a membership adult dating site that comes in at a lower price point and blends all members into one, larger group. The site does use “entertainer” profiles that contact members through the IM feature, but which may not be in their area.

This is a mobile hookup app more than a reliable resource for those interested in the swinger lifestyle, but as the site’s name implies, its goal is to really mix things up for those seeking a more open relationship or lifestyle.

A global swinger website, SwapFinder is easy to use and has more than 41 million members. You let the site know what you seek and give as much or as little detail as you’d like. Build a profile and narrow your searches through the use of dozens of details. With forums, web cams and lots of online activity, it is one of the most customizable platforms for virtual and real-world swinger fun.

SDC is, technically, one of the oldest local swinging sites because it was created all of the way back in 2000. It has a sterling reputation for safety, customer satisfaction and ease of use. The quality of its membership is some of the highest around, and you will quickly find swingers, people interested in multi-partner relationships, and more.

The site makes swinging vacations available, and you can use the search to find public events and private parties. Member profiles are incredibly detailed, and you can even search by a member’s level of openness.

It takes minutes to sign up and you can then use everything from Speed Dating or the voyeur cams, to the many forums and blogs. There is a free account, but you’ll want one of the paid memberships to access all of the features.


Another of the early swinging websites, SwingLifestyle is also one of the most highly rated for couples looking for female leading the swinger lifestyle. With a huge user base and a lot of international and local events listed, it is limited to the swinger lifestyle site and not a mobile app.

It is actually described as basic because it doesn’t use a lot of the extras seen in other swinging sites and apps (like web cams, and so on). Instead, it is a membership-based service that lists dates and events that allow couples to find other couples eager to meet and explore swinging. Easy to use and join, it has traditional or lifetime membership options, and members can use the private messaging functions to communicate with others. If you want to open a calendar and see what’s going on in your area – this is the right choice.

BeNaughty is a very couples-oriented swinger website intended more for swingers. It focuses on local, national and international event listings and has a huge and very active user base. You can find short-term options in addition to travel and rendezvous hook-ups, but the emphasis is usually on couples.

This site pulls no punches about its sexual focus and almost all of the language used is clearly sexual. Membership can be for singles or couples and explicit photos are encouraged on profiles. The site uses extensive sexual preference questions to allow for optimal searching and there is even an online store!

This free swinger site emphasizes events more than hook-ups and Mixxxer offers a lot of nice tools for modern users. There are chat functions, lists and calendars, blogs and forums, and an interesting points system that rewards active uses and contributors with points to use for site merchandise or travel expenses. Focused on traveling to events, it is a membership site for those eager to be active online and in real-world events and encounters.

Focused on swinging couples or singles interested in participating in a swinger lifestyle, SwingerZoneCentral is easy to use and offers a detailed search tool. Profiles don’t require images, so it may be difficult to get such details. Membership options vary, but all members can use the “wall” feature to share details or post information about what you want. There is a “booty call” feature to use for direct communication, video chat options, and group searches. You can create events, find clubs and shop in the online store.

Curious About Swinger Lifestyle

Designed for both couples and singles who agree that the swinger lifestyle is ideal, Swingular includes unique content you won’t find on other sites. Advice and guidance for the swinging lifestyle, tips for accurate and effective profiles and searches, and more are all part of membership.

Lots of forums and discussions make this a very social option and your profile can feature a huge array of details. Signing up is easy but takes time as it is when you begin to build the profile. They use a matching system to help you find like-minded members, but you can also opt to be a “featured” swinger. Event listings and classes are always available and map-based searches are also an option.

You have ten amazing places to start. All of the swinger dating websites use membership fees of different kinds, and you’ll want to accept any free trial offers to test out a site before enrolling. Set your rules with your partner or yourself, make lists of what you are eager to experience, and you’ll find these sites will give you the swinger lifestyle you crave – online, in the real world, locally, and even internationally.


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